Transportation Control Tower

Transportation Control Tower

We coordinate, streamline and monitor the material shipping requests using a centralised Control Tower that provides digitized management of the flows and the transport processes through a specific Transportation Management Systems platform and with the cooperation of qualified and competitive shipping agents.

The Leonardo Logistics Transportation Control Tower guarantees end-to-end traceability of the shipments, from the request up to delivery to destination, by enabling:

  • Search for the best transport solution consistent with the required service levels and the best shipping rates previously contracted or negotiable in dynamic mode
  • Consolidation of the requests using automated planning processes, route optimisation, and vehicle saturation control
  • Traceability of the urgencies and events in transit pertaining to the shipments
  • Standard communication flows between all players of the transport process
  • Transport cost and performance monitoring

Leonardo Logistics also offer services for managing:

  • Military and classified goods transport and management;
  • Charter service