Engineering And Technologies

Partner to our customers: winning together by creating innovative projects

Partner to our customers: winning together by creating innovative projects

Our engineering service provides “turn-key” projects, and every activity is customised and designed to satisfy the customer’s requirements.
The future-oriented approach entails exploring the technological sphere, seeking out and proposing innovative solutions in the area of digital transformation to customers, along with considerable expertise in re-engineering processes.

Leonardo Logistics’ design capability is its chief factor of competitiveness, and offers its customers design and technological innovation services.

The operational expertise it has acquired and strengthened over the years in numerous industrial fields allows Leonardo Logistics to adapt best practices to the nature and requirements of the customer when developing innovative solutions.

Its commitment and passion in applying principles of the Project Management, Lean Logistics and Supply Chain Management methodologies distinguish the work of Leonardo Logistics in all stages of:

  • Reorganisation of the inbound & outbound logistic flows;
  • Design, reorganisation and “turn-key” building of warehouses;
  • Monitoring, analysis and ongoing improvement of the logistic processes;
  • Design of the line side and method for interlocking with the line;
  • Design of control tower and transport network;
  • Making and implementation of platforms and technologies supporting logistics activities;

The methodological approach of Leonardo Logistics was taken in order to guarantee a systematic view of logistics design and is constantly used in executing projects and operational start-ups.
By offering its customers the technical/organisational capability necessary to implement what has been designed, Leonardo Logistics is also the ideal consultant for logistics reorganisation