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Know-how as an enabling principle of innovation
Digital transformation as a factor of technological integration

Innovation and sustainability

Innovation and sustainability

Technological and process innovation are essential pillars of the work of Leonardo Logistics, which support Leonardo’s path of growth.

Technological innovation is an essential pillar in our Business Plan.
This need is translated into our business goals through our ongoing quest to strengthen our services. It is oriented toward offering innovative logistics solutions that not only meet the requirements of customers, but that exceed their expectation - bringing into effect their advantageous positioning in the market in the role of their business partner.

Every day we work to be the centre of expertise of services and of group logistics engineering, with the goals of digital and automation evolution of all our processes and a flexible organisation that is fully integrated with the business activities of the Leonardo divisions.
With the specialised know-how of our engineers, we re-engineer the warehouse management processes and offer innovative solutions developed with the business contacts of the divisions based on a strongly “oriented” approach applied with a co-design and customer experience slant.
In collaboration with Leonardo’s CTIO, we promote a centralised technological investment model aimed at maximising the standardisation of processes and at optimising costs, which comprises:

  • Centralised platforms for managing warehouse (WMS) and transport (TMS) processes, enabling the digitization of the processes, activity optimisation algorithms and advanced analysis functions 
  • “Best in class” technologies and automations selected according to the functional, technical and safety requirements in order to improve productivity and performance of the services 
  • Analytics for assessing data and addressing streamlining proposals

Leonardo Logistics operates consistently with the Leonardo integrated approach as regards sustainability, and it promotes actions to monitor and streamline our services that aim at:

  • Identifying and implementing efficient logistics solutions based on lean, paperless and low environmental impact processes
  • Selecting qualified partners able to guarantee solid and transparent solutions included in structured service agreements
  • Investing in our resources and talents, increasing and developing their skills and adopting management models based on Leonardo’s principles of “identity”, as well as diversity & inclusion