Our proposal for sustainable logistics

We work consistently with Leonardo’s integrated approach to sustainability, improvement of the efficiency of our services and creation of long-term value through implementation of efficient, integrated logistics solutions responding to our customers’ operative requirements, based on lean, paperless processes with a low environmental impact

We promote a sustainability plan for all our services, and particularly:

  • Optimisation of transportation of materials, with a Transportation Control Tower consolidating requests in order to reduce the number of shipments required for the same volume, identification of the most efficient routing for each request, and direction toward “green” methods of transportation wherever possible


  • Digital warehouses, through implementation of software platforms, integrated technologies and sustainable infrastructures and machines facilitating automation of the entire operating process and re-engineering of tasks, particularly those which are paper-intensive, reducing printing and the resulting emissions


  • “Green” processes and resources, promoting ecological handling equipment wherever possible (such as electric forklifts with lithium batteries) and saturation of use to save energy and cut emissions


  • Packaging materials, managed through an integrated “virtuous” model
    • Packaging design based criteria of sustainability and efficiency, taking disposal into account


    • Purchasing, standardising requirements and preferring sustainable solutions (such as recycled, biodegradable materials from renewable sources)


    • Management, computerising the steps involved in packaging processes in order to minimise waste and facilitate reuse in the supply chain


  • Strategic partnerships, selecting suppliers and agreements identified on the basis of criteria of sustainability from which Leonardo may benefit in the short to medium term and through which to identify joint goals and plans for further development in the areas of innovation and sustainability


  • Resources and talents, allowing people to make the most of their abilities and advance their knowledge through management models based on the values which with Leonardo is identified, and on diversity and inclusion