Life at Leonardo Logistics

We believe in the value of people and their skills

The strength of Leonardo Logistics lies in its people: women and men who every day contribute to the growth and improvement of the company by implementing behaviour that is consistent with the Group’s system of values.

At Leonardo Logistics:

  • We work every day according to the principles and values of our company, shared equally by our staff. We respect the rules and individuals by helping each other honestly, loyally and reliably;
  • We give space to people, we believe in their projects and we promote them so that they achieve personal as well as corporate success;
  • We support the professional growth of our staff, we reward them by investing in continuous training;
  • We make our industry sustainable, we are advocates for projects to safeguard and protect health and the environment, always striving for constant economic development.

A great Team

A great Team

This is the soul of Leoardo Logistics. A united team in constant growth.