Industrial Logistics

Our logistics, the heart of your business

Our logistics, the heart of your business

We manage integrated logistics flows with an approach based on efficiency and innovation, adopting customized technological solutions.

With a dedicated team of engineers, analysts, IT experts and WCM specialists, we design, build and manage logistics systems with the aim of maximizing the efficiency of customers' industrial activities and optimizing the supply chain. Our integrated solutions at Leonardo Logistics guarantee flexibility and competitive cost advantage for the entire supply chain in end to end processes.

Leonardo Logistics supports its customers to manage the inbound and outbound logistics process of their plants, from receipt of goods to shipment of finished products, including key processes such as material programming, expediting and quality control of incoming items.

Our team of logistics engineers, analysts, designers and project managers, working closely with customers, successfully transfer their experience and best business practices to manage the issues of internal movement, kit preparation, delivery to production departments and improving the ergonomics for the workers assigned to logistics and production processes.

Leonardo Logistics specializes in the following operations:

  • Material programming, stock control levels and expediting;
  • Physical and documentary reception;
  • Incoming quality control;
  • Storage and picking;
  • Kit preparation and production line feeding;
  • Factory movements;
  • Packing, packaging and labelling of shipment materials;
  • Preparation of shipments, issue and management of transport documentation;
  • Management of controlled environment warehouses.