Service Provider

Following the course of its evolution, the Service Provider Leonardo Logistics today is active in the field of two types of materials: raw metal (such as sheets and plates) and production auxiliary materials (for example, PPE, consumables and tools).

The service provided includes end-to-end management of these materials - from supply to delivery - wherever required, directly at the locations where they are used by the customers at their production sites, according to the specific requirements they have expressed.

The main activities of the service concern demand management, the purchase of the materials, supplier management, receipt, quality control, warehouse management, the cutting of the materials where required (cut to size), shipping and in-line delivery.

The major benefits in terms of efficiency and effectiveness generated regard the availability of the materials for the customers within the time frames and based on the required requisites, optimisation of supply chain management, minimisation of scraps and obsolescence of the materials, reduced customer warehouses, and optimisation of the materials by aggregating the demand.