Leonardo Logistics: Service Provider for auxiliary production materials

10 September 2021

In September 2021 Leonardo Logistics started up the new Service Provider for auxiliary production materials service. Its aim is to maximise operations effectiveness and cost efficiency, also by making use of innovative solutions supporting optimisation of the processes.


The company has been operating as Service Provider in the metal raw materials supply service since the end of 2020. This service was initially started up for the Aerostructures Division in 2021, and was then extended to the Helicopters and Aircraft Divisions following a progressive evolution plan.


Starting in September, the activity has been extended with the supply of auxiliary production materials. Its initial scope concerned the Aerostructures Division for the Foggia, Nola and Pomigliano plants.


The scope includes all materials supporting the production activities (consumables, bench and tools, personal protective equipment, etc.).


For these materials, the objective and commitment of the Service Provider Leonardo Logistics is to create a dedicated centre of expertise able to supply an efficient and effective service that maximises the standardisation of the processes and products and the use of evolved and innovative tools and methodologies with a cross-divisional approach to meet the specific requirements of each customer.


The Service Provider guarantees management of the end-to-end activities of operations planning, procurement, supplier management, transport, testing of inbound and outbound material, warehouse management, raw material cutting and heat treatment activities, preparation of kits and delivery to the customer’s sites as needed.