Fata Logistic Systems becomes Leonardo Logistics

10 September 2021

Fata Logistics Systems changes its name to Leonardo Logistics. This name change forms part of the planned evolution to Advanced Logistics 4.0 centre of excellence for the integrated and sustainable management of industrial logistics, transport, and the materials service provider services, to be achieved by means of a digital transformation and technological innovation strategy.

Logistical performance is a strategic, critical factor for the competitiveness of a business especially in a complex context marked by variable demand accompanied by the need to reduce the time to market, to optimise working capital and costs, and to ensure process resilience in an increasingly global world. 

It is because of this scenario that Fata Logistics Systems has been renamed Leonardo Logistics as part of the planned evolution to Integrated Logistics centre of excellence, with a view to improving productivity, operational efficiency, inventory accuracy, visibility and traceability through sustainable solutions with a low environmental impact.

The Integrated and Sustainable Logistics services offered by Leonardo Logistics include:

  • Industrial Logistics: efficient design and management of warehouses, from goods reception to shipment
  • Transportation Control Tower: optimisation and monitoring of inbound and outbound transport via air, land and sea
  • Provider of Standard Materials: end-to-end management, through to set-up on the customer’s premises
  • Focus on Customer Support and Defence: integrating the Divisions’ offerings addressed to external customers

To implement these services, Leonardo Logistics has promoted the “Advanced Logistics 4.0” process of digital transformation and technological innovation which, in collaboration with the CTIO and Leonardo Labs, envisages a centralised investment plan for the development of advanced platforms and technologies, together with the re-engineering of processes and expertise, and all with the aim of building a digital collaboration model that can be extended to every network player.