Building on Trust


Leonardo Logistics encourages anyone who becomes aware of facts or behaviours that could cause damage to the Group, or that are contrary to internal company values, codes and protocols, laws or regulations, and in particular to anti-corruption legislation, to report it in maximum confidentiality.
The reports may concern Leonardo Group employees, members of the corporate bodies, Group companies and third parties (for example suppliers, consultants, collaborators, customers and intermediaries).
By way of example only, the possible cases that should be reported include:

  • attempted, alleged and effective acts of corruption, carried out directly, through, or at the request of third parties (e.g. suppliers, consultants, collaborators, customers and intermediaries);
  • conflicts of interest and other violations of the Code of Ethics;
  • alleged offences, among those included in the Leonardo Logistics Modello 231, by company representatives in the interest or for the benefit of the company;
  • illegal and/or fraudulent activities to the detriment of customers or company assets in general;
  • violations relating to the protection of workers.

In order for a report to be effective and adequately assessed by the competent departments, it must include precise and concordant factual elements and provide, where available, supporting documentary evidence.
To guarantee the confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower, reports can be made via one of the following channels:

  • Leonardo Logistics website, even anonymously, by completing the following form
  • Email to: 
  • Mail to: Supervisory Body, Caselle Nord - Strada Privata (Caselle Airport) 10077 S. Maurizio Canavese (TO) , Italy

Pursuant to the Law on Whistleblowing (Italian Law No. 179 of 30 November 2017), Leonardo guarantees protection from retaliation or discriminatory acts in the workplace for all those who report in good faith behaviour contrary to the law, the values and codes of conduct of Leonardo or who refuse to act in an unethical manner.

The Supervisory Body examines the reports received on a monthly basis. The Whistleblowing Committee meets once a quarter and undertakes the preliminary analysis of the individual reports to verify whethere there is the need for further checks. In addition, the Whistleblowing Committee prepares a six-monthly summary report of the activity undertaken, with regard to the following corporate bodies: Board of Directors, Control and Risk Committee, Board of Statutory Auditors and Supervisory Body. Finally, with regard to reports concerning conduct relevant to the risk of corruption, the Reporting Committee prepares a six-monthly summary report on the activities undertaken in favour of the bodies listed above, which will also be brought to the attention of the Coordination and Consultation Body for the Prevention of Corruption.

As part of the whistleblowing management process, Leonardo Logistics has chosen a dedicated IT platform aimed at more accurately substantiating the reports, introducing two-way communication with the whistleblower, while protecting his/her confidentiality and identity. This platform will also be a management tool to guarantee greater support in the phases of submission, monitoring and archiving the reports received. The system will inform the whistleblower of the status of the reporting process (receipt of the report/verification in progress/verification completed) and will allow the internal departments in charge to request, during the preliminary investigation and verification, the whistleblower, even anonymously, for any clarifications or further information useful to understanding and analysing the report.


Whistleblowing Guidelines

For further information, you can consult the Whistleblowing Guidelines, which define and describe the whistleblowing process for qualified and anonymous reports, which includes specific procedures of verification and action, with the guarantee of anonymity for the whistleblower and the reported party in all phases.